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YOM 2007 YOR 2022

King Air B200GT

KingAir B200GT Interior

Aircraft Details

Registration:            N177TA

Seats:                       7

Lavatory:                  Yes

Cabin Width:            4'6"

Cabin Length:          16'8"

Cabin Height:           4'10

Door Height:            4'3"

Door Width:             2'3"

Range:                     1450NM

Speed:                     300KTAS

Altitude:                   24,000'

Luggage Capacity:   54 cu. ft

Wi-Fi:                        N/A

Aircraft Amenities

Custom Leather Upholstery
Wing Lockers
Luggage Racks and Hangars
Galley area
Aft lavatory with full vanity

Cabin configuration


N177TA Fleet sheet

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