Your Central Valley Private Aircraft Fleet.
Offering Access to thousands of Planes and Destinations Worldwide!

With a local fleet based in Central California and access to thousands of planes and destinations worldwide, CSM On-Demand Private Charter can accommodate all your travel needs.  Whether you are flying for business or leisure, our Aviation Advisors will ensure your flight runs smoothly from take off to touch down. We offer a complete suite of luxury travel accommodations where every detail of your flight matters to us.


Our sales team is driven with a passion for aviation and helping those achieve their goal to own an aircraft. We are committed to providing the best quality aircraft sales services and we invest our knowledge into the details of each aircraft. With our 25+ years experience in acquiring aircraft we have the knowledge and experience to make your aircraft buying experience memorable.


We offer management solutions for both Part 135 and Part 91 operations. Providing a full range of services and focusing on the safety and service of the aircraft, aircraft owners have the confidence in knowing they have made the right decision in choosing CSM Aviation as their management company.

Benefits of Private Charter 

Private/Business Charter Experience

The most significant advantage of on-demand air transportation is the amount of time saved.  Private and Business aviation creates a number of benefits for individuals and for the company in providing access to 10 times as many airports as the major airlines, fewer check-in formalities, direct routing, landing within close approximation to business meeting(s), and no waiting for luggage offer substantial advantages in time savings and efficiencies.  For the personal traveler, private aviation offers a superior level of privacy and security while delivering a luxurious travel experience with all the comfort and amenities high-end travelers desire. 



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