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Jim Hogan
Director of Sales

As Director of Sales, Jim Hogan brings vast levels of experience, knowledge, and enthusiasm to CSM Aviation. His love affair with airplanes started at a very young age, as both his father and step-father were pilots. 

His "unofficial" flight training culminated in his first unassisted landing at age 12. He began his official training while in high school and earned his Private Pilot License shortly after his 17th birthday. He has since advanced his skills with an Instrument Rating and, Single & Multi Engine Commercial License. Jim has piloted over 60 different makes and models, from Cubs to King Airs. 

Jim has had a diverse career, from auto & motorcycle sales and parts management, to insurance agency ownership and real estate lending. Although he enjoyed those positions greatly, especially the client relationships, he just couldn't keep his head out of the clouds. 

So, in 1999 he opened Hogan Aviation, buying and selling airplanes on a part-time basis. In 2008 he joined Sacramento Aviation full-time, heading up the sales of all propeller driven aircraft. Jim's knowledge of the corporate aviation world exploded under the mentorship of John Didier, Sac Aviation's owner. After Mr. Didier's untimely death in 2013, Jim reactivated his company and has built a fantastic following, the lion's share of Hogan Aviation's listings and acquisitions come from repeat and referral clients. 

CSM Aviation is very pleased to have Jim, with his knowledge, passion, experience, and customer focus heading up our sales department.