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The CSM Private Charter Experience


Check-in, Pull Up, Unload, Climb Aboard and Take Off


You can always find a way to make more money, but there is no way to make more time!


The only people on the plane beside you and your guest, are the flight crew.


Fly on your schedule, no airline hassle or hustle, travel in Luxury, and get there in style.


Recognized by Air Charter Safety Foundation for our Safety Management systems.


Full attention to detail, we go the extra mile to accommodate all special catering request, etc.

Fly Anywhere

Fly to over 10 times as many landing destinations as the Commercial Airlines.


Private Charter for Business Travel


Saving Employee Time - Efficient employee scheduling and employee time saved are key advantages of business charter use.  Business Charter allows the ability to fly nonstop between any of the approximate 10,000 small airports, over 10 times the number of locations served by the major airlines, where highly efficient employee time management becomes a very real benefit.  increasing the importance of employee time savings.  In conclusion, flying in a private business chartered aircraft helps a company obtain maximum productivity from its two most important assets: employees and time!


Increasing Productivity - Employee productivity enroute to a business destination that is free from interruption, distractions, or eavesdropping can have a substantial value to an employer.  Group productivity is also maximized and quite unique to private aircraft charter in that it allows the ability to strategize before meetings and debrief meetings in addition to providing complete autonomy and privacy of these strategy and debriefing sessions.


Minimizing Non-Business Hours away from Home - The work life balance. Family time before and after traditional business hours is critical to employees.  Because a stable, supportive family life definitely has distinct effects on employee morale and productivity, any and all scheduling that minimizes time away from home is seen as a crucial human benefit.


Ensuring Security - For many companies the protection of personnel from uncontrolled public exposure alone is justification for private business charter services.  Avoiding privacy issues, reducing travel visibility, and eliminating unwanted and unnecessary conversations and interruptions all support the use of private business aviation in order to safeguard company employees and the sensitive information they carry.


Maximizing Personal Safety - Turbine-powered aircraft have a safety record comparable with or better than that of the commercial scheduled airlines.  The peace of mind that results from complete company control over the aircraft flown, passenger and baggage manifests, pilot quality and training, aircraft maintenance, and operations safety standards is very significant.


Efficient, Reliable and On-Demand Scheduling - The scheduling flexibility in private and business aviation, even changing itineraries enroute at times, can be a powerful offset.  Aircraft can arrive and depart on the passenger’s schedule; meeting flexibility, meetings can be moved up, back, or extended without penalty, risk, or unnecessary scheduling pressures.  Overnight trips can be avoided; if managed properly, these benefits can have a major impact of the agility of your business.


Positive Corporate Image - For clients and vendors, the arrival and departure of company employees via private business charter are the sign of a well-run and successful company signaling the progressive nature of an organization with a particular interest in efficient time management and high levels of productivity.  If used for charitable purposes, substantial public service contributions, as well as possible public relations benefits can also be realized.


Reducing Post-trip Fatigue - Schedules that require late-night travel or longer-than-necessary trips often result in post-trip fatigue, damaging productivity in the day’s after the trip.  Because Private Air Charter can facilitate more efficient scheduling, flying private business charter can minimize this loss of productivity.


Optimizing Payroll - Organizations have rediscovered the need to maximize the productivity of the same or fewer employees to accomplish equal or greater amounts of work and ensure their competitive position and long-term success.  As private business air charter improves employee time management and efficiencies, they can help eliminate the need for additional personnel, reducing payroll cost, and helping to maximize the bottom line and the company’s competitive market advantages.


 Supercharge the Entrepreneurial Spirit -  By minimizing or eliminating many of the obstacles to employee travel, private business aircraft charter allows business opportunities to be considered and acted upon more rapidly without compromise.  Business cultures and their strategies change as markets, facilities, and clients in rural areas of the country are newly accessible.

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