King Air B200GT

Aircraft Specifications
General Capacity

Crew Members: 


Maximum Passengers:





Maximum Speed:

313 MPH

Cruising Speed:

295 MPH

Operating Altitude

Maximum Operating Altitude:


Cruising Altitude:


Popular Destinations

Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Boise, Portland, Santa Ana


The King Air B200GT is a pressurized, twin-engine turboprop business aircraft configured as a cantilever low-wing monoplane with a T-tail and aft ventral fin. It has retractable tricycle landing gear with dual wheels on each unit. An airstair door is located aft of the wing on the port side of the fuselage. The 200 series King Air has the same fuselage as its predecessor the B100, but its longer wings, improved engines and many of its systems are new. Engineers have taken measures to significantly reduce cabin noise levels in later model B200’s. In addition, tuned dynamic vibration absorbers mounted at strategic points throughout the airframe have reduced sound levels by as much as 5.4 dB in the center of the cabin and 15.8 dB in the cockpit. Standard configuration of the King Air B200 is for eight passengers in an arrangement with a club plus four individual seats. A ten-passenger configuration is available in which a two-place divan is located aft of the copilot seat, a single seat is behind the pilot’s position, a four-seat club is aft of those seats, and a lavatory seat and two fold-down seats occupy the aft cabin area. A 55.3 cubic foot baggage area and private lavatory are located in the aft cabin area. Cabin dimensions are 4.8ft. high, 4.5ft. wide, and 16.7ft. in length. cabin volume is 303 cubic feet).