King Air 350

Aircraft Specifications
General Capacity

Crew Members: 


Maximum Passengers:





Maximum Speed:

368 MPH

Cruising Speed:

360 MPH

Operating Altitude

Maximum Operating Altitude:


Cruising Altitude:


Popular Destinations

NAPA, San Diego, Sun Valley, Bozeman


The King Air 350 is a pressurized, twin-engine turboprop business aircraft configured as a cantilever low-wing monoplane with a T-tail and aft ventral fin. It has retractable tricycle landing gear with dual wheels on each main unit. The 350 series incorporates a 34- inch stretch of the King Air 300 fuselage and has one additional window per side. The wingspan has been increased by 3 feet over that of the model 300, and 24-inch graphite composite winglets have been added to the wingtips to reduce drag at higher angles of attack as in takeoff and climb out. The King Air 350 benefits from recent improvements throughout the King Air line including reduced cabin noise levels, a three-bus electrical system, and a “ground fine” range of propeller control to minimize the need for brake use during taxi. The cabin of the Super King Air 350 has seating for eight passengers in a double club arrangement. The aft lavatory also has a belted seat. The seats are fully adjustable and reclining, and track in and out from the wall. Folding worktables, cupholders, and individual fresh air inlets are included. A large stand-up baggage area is located at the aft end of the cabin.