Citation Bravo

Aircraft Specifications
General Capacity

Crew Members: 


Maximum Passengers:



1,980 miles


Maximum Speed:

459 mph

Cruising Speed:

400 mph

Operating Altitude

Maximum Operating Altitude:

43,000 ft

Cruising Altitude:

35,000 ft

Popular Destinations

Salt Lake City, Las Vegas


When you’re looking to charter light executive jets, the Citation Bravo delivers quality and performance on every flight. Cessna is known for its highly popular big business jets, and in efforts to appeal to all types of passengers, they have designed the roomy, seven-passenger Citation Bravo. In addition to its fuel-efficient operation, the Bravo has multiple other features that make it one of the top executive jets in the light class. The team behind the cabin layout designed the cabin interior to have exceptional soundproofing, making it an ideal forum to conduct in-flight business meetings, or catch up on a little rest while you’re on the go.